Basket cleaning units

Compact cleaning system type GRA/TR

  • 2 cleaning chambers 
  • spray-wash flooding 
  • space-saving 
  • universal 

This machine is suitable for bulk material in customary wire mesh baskets or boxes with sufficient perforation. For coarse and delicate bulk material, we suggest baskets with a height-adjustable lid.

For the intermediate or final cleaning process, the machine can be used as mobile or stationary unit, if so equipped. Thanks to a specially developed cleaning and drying technology, fast and very satisfactory cleaning results may be achieved, despite the extremely compact machine design.

Chips and dirt particles dragged in by the goods and workpieces are separated by a filter basket installed in the return line and by a filter system fitted after the pump. During production stops, the oil film swimming on top may be removed from the surface by an oil skimmer which is placed on top of the storage tank.

Basket size 2 3  
Length 520 670 mm
Width 320 480 mm
Height 200 300 mm
Korbreinigungsanlage für Gitterkörbe
Basket cleaning unit for mesh baskets
Korbreinigungsanlage Rückseite
Rear of basket cleaning unit