Immersion cleaning

Cleaning system for immersion processes Type GTR

Basic configuration: 

  • Insulated processing tank, embedded in a stainless-steel frame 
  • Indirect electrical heating with flat heater elements 
  • Prepared for surface flooding with overflow gutter 
  • Integrated drip-tray 
Immersion cleaning equipment with 4 stations
Immersion cleaning equipment with 4 stations

Additional equipment: 

  • Week program timer for automatic pre-heating 
  • Ultrasonic equipment with immersion transducer 
  • Filtering device 
  • Chip filtration 
  • Injection flooding 
  • Oil separator 
  • Exhaust frame 
  • Lifting and lowering device 
  • Undercarriage with swivel castors
  • Cleaning basket
  • Dryer 
  • Dosing device 
  • Transfer unit 
  • Rotating device 
  • Automation 

Single machines or a combination of single devices of the same size, together with any necessary auxiliary equipment, may be used for cleaning, chip removal, de-oiling/degreasing, rinsing, passivation, preservation and similar treatment processes - using the appropriate treatment agents required for the respective material(s) and treatment task(s). Tanks in any size from 40 litres upwards.