Ultrasonic cleaning

Characteristics of our ultrasonic units type UGS and rinsing tanks type SGS

  • Stainless steel tank 
  • Base frame of tubular steel, fork-lift accessible 
  • Durable screw-on flat heater elements with optimal heat transfer 
  • Thermal and sound insulation 
  • Temperature control 
  • Time control  
  • Extremely strong transducers with high and efficient power output 

Ultrasonic generators

  • First-class product from a renowned German manufacturer
  • Embedded in the device, removable at any time due to plug-in connections 
  • Digital frequency generation and control
  • High efficiency rate – little heat generation
  • Automatic frequency tuning
  • Power output constantly maintained automatically,
    independent of filling level, temperature and size of parts to wash  
  • Protective devices, such as protection against dry-running, short-circuit and overheating


Type UGS215 with rinsing tank
Type UGS215 with rinsing tank
Ultrasonic unit type UGS40
Ultrasonic unit type UGS40

Various configurations: 

  • With overflow, suitable for washing away of oil, when demulsifying cleaning agents are used
  • Different sizes upon request 

Additional equipment:

  • Lifting and oscillation device 
  • Week programme time for heating
  • Filtering equipment 
  • Oil separator 
  • Basket rotation device 
  • Drying equipment
  • Unit mounted on castors