The advantages of electropolishing

High gloss through metallically pure surface

Saving of the work step "cleaning and degreasing" which is necessary after mechanical polishing. Removal of corrosion-initiating ferrous residues on stainless steels from previous processes.

Increased surface smoothness - reduced micro roughness and germ adhesion

Easy cleanliness of electropolished parts, low deposits of lime, colour residues, germs and other substances.

Reduced friction = increased wear resistance

in mechanically stressed parts.

Increased creep resistance

By means of electropolishing a thin surface layer is removed. Thus, the tension and pressure stresses in this layer are removed which increases the durability of elastically stressed parts. Higher quality is also achieved by polishing off fine hairline cracks.

Material testing through electropolishing

The metal surface layer which has been impaired by mechanical processing is removed by electropolishing. The actually existing crystalline structure becomes visible. Surface defects, such as cracks, can be made visible this way.

Improvement of corrosion resistance of stainless steel parts

… not only due to the levelling effect, but also due to the passivating effect of anodic treatment. As a result, there is no need to passivate stainless steel parts, e. g. in medical mechanics.

Ablation to exactly determined measures

… by controlling the treatment time.

Electrolytical removal of fine burrs