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Ultrasonic device type UGS75 with transfer unit
Ultrasonic device type UGS75 with transfer unit

Are you looking for the optimal cleaning and degreasing of industrial parts or wish to improve the appearance of stainless-steel parts by electrolytic polishing?

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the field of plant and units for the treatment of surfaces we can give you competent advice.

Cleaning and degreasing
We produce cleaning equipment and plant with or without ultrasound, spray-washing units with rotation, devices for rinsing and preserving, blowing-off units, dryers etc. Above that, equipment for the cleaning of pipes, profile and band materials.

Electrolytic polishing
By electrolytic polishing, the corrosion resistance and the decorative effect of the surface of workpieces are considerably improved. We manufacture plant and equipment for the  electrolytic polishing and fine deburring of stainless-steel parts and provide the specially-developed electrolyte.