Arno Graul GmbH

A sign of ideas and experience for more than 80 years

The Graul company was one of the first German companies dealing with ultrasonic cleaning and electrolytic polishing.
In the field of ultrasonics and high frequency technology, Arno Graul and his staff did a lot of pioneer work. Environmentally friendly processes and machines of sound workmanship brought considerable progress in the development of the cleaning technology. Care and diligence in customer service, construction and production as well as decades of experience give you the certainty of technically mature products – now and in the future.


In 1930, Arno Graul founded his company in his hometown Saalfeld/Thuringia. Being a high-frequency technician, he was one of the first to deal with developments in the field of ultrasonics.

In 1950, the company was relocated to the West, initially to Enzberg near Mühlacker. Based on Arno Graul’s developments for ultrasonic and high frequency devices, the company specialized in three fields of surface treatment of metals:

  • Cleaning and degreasing with and without ultrasound 
  • Electrolytic polishing and deburring 
  • Electric soldering machines 
Company founder Arno Graul
Company founder Arno Graul

In 1964, a new factory was built in Mühlacker which was extended in 1970. Since then, a great variety of devices and machines for a wide range of applications have been manufactured and delivered – in particular custom-made machines.

Electrolytic polishing and deburring fulfils the highest requirements with regard to the surface finish of metals and has become indispensable in medical technology and food technology. Electropolished surfaces are characterized by reduced adhesion of germs and are more resistant to environmental influences, such as corrosion.

Thanks to long-term research and development in the field of polishing electrolytes, as well as design and use of electropolishing machines, the Graul company had a major influence on the development of the local market area.

In January 1999, the sole proprietorship was transformed into a limited liability company (GmbH).

In December 1999, Mr. Arno Graul died.